Entry in my inbox

Last night an entry arrived in my inbox which read "You are not authorized to view this comment", which was a bit baffling. Anyone know what it signifies, and why I would receive it if not so authorized?

Feeling blue

A fire in a store of toner-ink powder in Clacton, Essex, a couple of days ago gave local pets a surprise when the powder sprayed out. It isn't toxic, but it doesn't come off.

Blue cat


Cats in York

If any of the forum's cat lovers need a reason to visit this, the best of cities, have a look at the photos on this TripAdvisor website: 

There are currently said to be around 22 cat sculptures on buildings in the centre of York. I think they've been breeding; there were only a few when I first came here 46 years ago. I'm pretty sure there are more than 22, because one of my neighbours has one. 


A boy called sorrow

This is a different kind of story from all my MFU ones. It was the result of a challenge my husband and I set each other after seeing a beautiful production of Puccini's opera Madam Butterfly, by Opera North in Leeds. The opera is based on a true story of love and betrayal — a visiting American naval officer in Nagasaki (around 1900) takes a young Japanese girl as a temporary wife and then returns to America, not knowing she is expecting his child. She and their son, and her maid Suzuki, wait for him but when he does return, it is with his American bride. This is a sequel.


Cio-Cio San (Madam Butterfly) about to kill herself. (From the David Freeman production, Royal Albert Hall)