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1. Kurt Vonnegut. Famously wrote a novel called 'Slaughterhouse Five', whose most well-known and quoted line is 'and so it goes'. I met him once when I was working in a bookshop in York (England). It was in the early 1980s. He was on vacation and a newly published novel of his was in our window - for the life of me, I can't remember which, though I seem to recall it had recipes in it(?). He was charming.

2. Tie-dye clothes. I think I wore tie-dyed tee-shirts when I was at university 50 years ago. Before that, I think we did some tie-dying in art class at school. It involved twisting string round a piece of cloth, and doing something with wax (God knows what) before dipping it in dye. Did we then iron it to remove the wax? No idea - I have no practical skills whatsoever.

3. I've heard of Godzilla but know nothing at all about it/him/her.

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A re-editing job on 'Just obeying orders'

I don't often give my nearest and dearest the opportunity to read my MFU stories, but I thought he'd be interested in the one I wrote about  the Vietnam War. 

He made various comments about its structure — he's an Oxford English Lit graduate, so I paid more attention than usual, and I have done some more work on it. If anyone is interested, it's still here, at:



S--t happens...

The catastrophic fire at Notre Dame de Paris brings back memories of a near disaster at York Minster in July 1984. A lightning strike in very dry conditions, with no rain, set light to the roof timbers of the south transept.

York Minster. South transept roof on fire. July 1984
York Minster. South transept roof on fire. July 1984
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Thanks for the kind birthday wishes,st_crispins and spikesgirl58. Two years to go till the next big one. But if I were to live as long as my grandfather, I would still have more than 30 years to go, which is an appalling thought!

Taking a vacation in the Netherlands after a terrorist incident

Just heard the sad news about a terrorist attack on a tram in Utrecht. I trust lightning won't strike twice - I'm going by Eurostar to Amsterdam tomorrow. Maastricht at the end of the week and home via Brussels a week today. We've lived with terrorism in the UK for decades so I ought to be sanguine about it, but I can't help feeling a tiny bit apprehensive. Bah, live dangerously, why not?

Entry in my inbox

Last night an entry arrived in my inbox which read "You are not authorized to view this comment", which was a bit baffling. Anyone know what it signifies, and why I would receive it if not so authorized?

Feeling blue

A fire in a store of toner-ink powder in Clacton, Essex, a couple of days ago gave local pets a surprise when the powder sprayed out. It isn't toxic, but it doesn't come off.

Blue cat